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Thanks for a great run Deadworld players!!!

Having saved the town of Southfort and many of the local farmers, you set off with your heroic friends down the rustic dirt road that leads to the Gillyrook  Abbey.  The plague of undead is daunting, but you have no fear.  Through each peril, facing disease, horrible undead monstrosities and physical hardships, your party has won out and grown from the experience.  Of course, this will be the first night since the plague struck that you've spent in the deep dark forest without the security of civilization around you...The clouds hang thick and ominous overhead.  No crickets chirp.  No birds in the sky.  Even the trees are still.  Surely things will be better at the Abbey.


Current Characters:
Zarcus (Keith)  Shade Fighter
Holt (Brad) Roofer For Hire
Cyne (Mark) Talks to Trees
Thad (Rob) Weaksauce Cannery
Linx (Nathan) Most Requested
Milo (Dave) Locked and Loaded
Xanxier (John) Not the Hooded Guy You're Looking For

Current Trophy Holders:
Most Valuable Player - Keith
Role Playing Award - John
Artisitic Expression - Dave
Date of death: 6/17/09

Please get in touch with your inner zombie...